How are these different to regular strip lashes?

Our lashes are designed on a clear lightweight almost invisible band, making them much lighter than a regular strip lash, they are then pre cut into segments and are placed under the lash line as apposed to on top.

What are they made from?

Our Silk eyelashes are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. Our eyelashes are made from premium Korean PBT silk and no animal products are used in the manufacturing of our lashes, all our products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. 

How do I apply these?

We have created a leaflet step by step guide that will talk you through each step to help you have an easy application.

Is the glue the same as professional lash glue? 

no, our glue is not as strong as professional lash glue, our glue dose not contain any of the harsh chemicals used for professional lash extensions, which means they do not set hard

our glue remains flexible which allows the natural lashes underneath movement, our natural lashes grow at all different speeds, if the lash glue was to dry hard then the lashes would not be able to continue their lash cycle causing the lashes damage.

Are these the same as Cluster lashes/ Party lashes done at a salon?

no following on from the above question, clusters or party lashes are applied using a professional lash extension glue, this is where segments or clusters of lashes are applied to your natural lashes with no isolation, which means the natural lashes are clumped together and the glue will set hard, which means your natural lashes will not be able to continue to grow at their own lash cycle speeds causing the lashes damage, our diy lash extensions are applied with a flexible glue which allows the lashes underneath to grow to their full potential and finish their lash cycles causing no harm or damage, giving you that salon look and feel.

Should I patch test before using?

YES! we recommend to patch test before using, just like any adhesive its's very important to perform a patch test before application. Whilst we do take every precaution to ensure our products are non-toxic & suitable for even sensitive eyes, it may not suit every skin type.


Apply a small amount of bond behind your ear (lower section) & wait 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs.

If irritation occurs, rinse the area immediately with warm water for a few minutes, discontinue use of the product straight away. If irritation persists please seek medical advise.

If I have had a reaction to the product what should I do? 

iLashuk disclaims any liability for skin reactions, we recommend to patch test each product before usage and make this recommendation on our website and packaging 
After a patch test, if irritation develops, immediately stop using the product and rinse the area with warm water for a few minutes. If inflammation continues, please seek medical advice. 

I’m no good at applying strip lashes will I struggle with these?

We created these lashes to make DIY at home lashes much more easier and less stressful, with bad experiences or with no experience at all following our step by step guide everyone should find this process simple and easy, keeping in mind there is a learning curve so after each application you will get better!

Will these hurt my eyes?

No! making sure that the lashes do not touch your waterline is essential, if you do place too closely to your water line it will cause discomfort and irritation, we recommend you remove lash straight away and re apply!

Can I wear with contact lenses and classes?

Absolutely you can!

What should I do if one comes loose, or falls out?

No problem just re-apply a generous amount of bond and re-apply the lash segment, re apply sealant and pinch segments back together.

I am having trouble applying, they wont stick?

our bond is a sticky glue that will remain tacky until sealant has been applied, if your struggling to get the lashes to stick make sure you have no bond residue on the tweezer as they will get stuck to the tweezer and not your lashes, the bond will grab hold of the segments as soon as they come into contact, so ensuring your tools are glue free this will help them to stick first time.

Can I wear these if I have short lashes?

Yes you only need enough lashes to apply the glued band onto.

What if I want to remove the lashes after 1 day?

That is totally fine, using our remover and following our step by step guide you are able to remove the lashes whenever you like, we say they last up to 5 days as this is how long we like to wear them for, we recommend removing them after 7 days maximum and re-applying if you would still like to wear them!

Can I shower wash my face as usual wearing these?

To get a longer wear from your lashes we recommend avoiding getting lashes drenched, its important to avoid getting them wet for the first 24hrs after application, although our glue is water resistant they will stay in a better shape and last longer if you didn't get them soaked everyday, try to wash around the eyes when wearing, you can give natural lashes a good wash on removal day!

How do I remove them?

Our lash starter kits comes with the remover, this is the only safe way to remove these lashes so please ensure you follow the steps to remove them properly.

Can I reuse them?

although we recommend that our lashes be a one time wear you can reuse yes if proper care has been taken to remove your lashes then you can clean and reuse them, you will need to make sure the segments have been throughly washed and no remover oil residue is left on the segments or they will not re stick. Be gentle and careful with the segments when removing and cleaning as the bands are super thin and delicate so excessive washing may snap or re shape them, with this we do not offer any guarantee that you can reuse your lashes.

I removed my lashes and now they wont re-stick?

If you have used the remover to remove your lashes you will need to make sure they have been washed throughly before trying to re apply, if any remover/oily residue is left over on the lash segments they will not re-stick, watch our video on "how to" page.

I removed the lashes and noticed my natural lashes coming out?

Don't panic! our natural lashes shred daily! lashes have a life cycle of 60-90 days! each individual lash is running on its own time, so if lashes appear to come out with the segments providing you have not pulled them then don't panic it was just there time to fall out!

I cant get my lashes to last what can I do to help them?

if your applying our lashes for the first time give it time, you will get more comfortable and confident with placing the lashes to last you the 5-7days, the lashes lasting will be down to application and aftercare, follow our step by step guide to ensure long lasting lashes.

Some top tips to helping your lashes to last

- Try to apply your lashes in the morning rather than the evenings.

- After application avoid water and getting the lashes wet for 24hours, this gives them a chance to dry naturally.

- Just like lash extensions - avoid excessive heat for the first 24hours

- Avoid touching the lashes all together, natural oils from our fingertips will transfer onto the lashes and make them not last as long if you are touching or pulling on the segments.

- Avoid sleeping on your face, if your a face sleeper they may not last you as long with strain pushing down the lashes, and rough wear and tear whilst sleeping, you may need to reapply end lash segments daily, do this by applying more bond, seal and repeat application steps.

- Double bond - apply bond to the base of your lash line and to the spine of the lash segment.

- Double seal - apply sealant to the base of your lashes, then rub along the tweezer plates and clamp onto lashes

- When applying the lash segments to the natural lashes hook them up towards your brow for an easier grab! Then using tweezer tip or finger push segment up into the lashes

- Avoid any oily products around eye area

Returns and exchanges

If you are struggling to use our lashes please get in contact we will try our best to help you! If the lashes are unused in original condition then you may return these to us, please contact us.


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