Which style will suit me?

Eye shapes come in all different shapes and sizes, what might look perfect on one eye might not be the best for another, 

Some styles may not suit your eye shape so here is a guide to finding you’re perfectly suited lash style and understanding your eye shape. 

We will give you our best advise to what we think would suit your eye shape, 

Round Eyes

Do you have a round eye shape? Easiest way to tell is If the whites around your iris is more visible at the top and bottom.

We would recommend styles that flick out near the outer corner of your eye, creating a cat eye or wing will elongate your eyes.

Styles we would recommend - pre cut lashes in style date night, Flirty or desire Or using a lash map similar to 10,12,14,16,16mm in our custom length ribbons or custom length individuals.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes, being the most common would suit any style, the eye is twice as long as it is wide, if you want to create a more wider eye shape try dolly, flawless or krazy in love (for a wispy effect), or if you would prefer to elongate your eye try creating a cat eye effect by using date night, flirty or desire.

You can use Any lash map that will suit your eye shape, so experiment and see what you love best!

Downturned Eyes

Do you have downturned eyes? Does your outer corner sit lower than you inner corner?

If yes we would avoid cat eye styles this will only be emphasize the downturn, instead you want a style that will open your eyes in the center such as styles flawless, the classy one and dainty, Or Create a lash map using our custom lengths in 10,12,14,12,10 mm, simply swop the lash lengths around if you would like a longer style.

Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, or monolids meaning your eyelid extends out over the base of your natural lashes, leaving no crease, we would recommend to open the eye in the center wether you want short and sweet try minimalist or daydreamer or longer and fuller try The classy one, the showstopper or Krazy in love.

Or use a Dolly map style such as 12,14,16,14,12mm in our custom length ribbons.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes also defined as cat eyes is opposite to downturned, the outer corner of your eye will sit higher than the inner corner of your eye, they will benefit from a cat eye style like date night, flirty and minimalist, Or try creating a cat eye wing in our custom length ribbons in 10,10,12,14,14mm.

Deep set Eyes

If you have deep set eyes we recommend more of a doe, dolly open eye style lash such as our flawless, Dolly or showstopper, these will open your eyes in the center and be the best style that would suit your eye shape, or create a dolly eye shape using a similar map to this 12,14,16,16,14,12mm, using our custom length ribbons.