iLash was created to give you salon looking lashes without the cost, time and commitment. With our lashes you can be your own lash technician. Change up your styles week in week out, remove them, have a break and start back up again as and when you want to.

How it started

iLash was imagined and developed in 2020 during the first lock down. Being a lash artist and educator for many years, I knew I couldn’t live without my lash extensions and so many others like me would be feeling the same.

I wondered if we would ever be able to have the luxury to go and get our lashes done again. I couldn’t find any alternative products to strip lashes and magnetic lashes, both of which I have tried and have never worked well with.

Incoming iLash…

Creating iLash

I knew that we needed professional looking lashes that could easily be applied at home. So after much trial, lots of hard work and imperfect samples (as a lash technician I am obsessed with perfectionism and symmetry, many of the lash samples we received were far from perfect!) I finally crafted an at home lash system that could be applied to the underside of the lashes using a stronger glue to make the lashes last 5/7 days.

Fast forward to 2023 and iLash has grown incredibly.

What our community say

We have some amazing customers who often say iLash is their obsession!

Hearing and seeing so many of your reviews sharing the confidence and feel good energy you now have because of iLash, makes me the happiest. I love that iLash is part of a positive journey for you. I want you to feel good about yourself and if lashes do that for you, then for me, you have a healthy obsession.

Paris x

Why do I love these lashes?

Industry approved: Firstly I am an experienced lash artist and educator. This gives me a good understanding of what people want, but also what’s healthy and what’s not healthy for your lashes. I have your lashes best interest at heart!

Time saving: As a working lash artist and a mum of four, I don’t have the time to go and have my own lashes done in a salon. I can apply these lashes in a blink and I’m ready to go for the week.

No more lash appointments: I would be my own worst client, I’m not very patient! So saving the need of a two hour lash appointment is a dream for me.

No more infills needed: It’s always when you have plans that you don’t have a lash infill appointment - hello gappy lashes! With iLash you can be your own lash tech. If a segment falls out, easily reapply! Going on holiday? Take your glue and a spare pair you can fix your lashes at any time, any where.