Pre-Glued Lash FAQ'S

What are they? 

An amazing lash alternative for our busy girls and guys, no bond or seal needed as these lash segments already have glue attached to the lash base, offering you a mess free application, simply peel up the lashes from the tray press into to place, pinch and off you go! 
How long will they last? 
Following our guide and aftercare these lashes will be set for 1-4 days the perfect weekend lash, 
(Be mindful that over touching, rubbing eyes, and Lashes coming into contact with oils and moisturiser will naturally take away the stickiness from the glue over the period of time wearing which will loosen the grip of the segments.)
How do I remove them? 
Our pre glued segments will remove easily after a few days wear, simply pull firmly which will remove the segments, oil based products can be used to assist if you would like to remove your lashes sooner.
Will they damage my natural lashes? 
Not at all, our pre glued lash segments are minimising the amount of products and steps you need to do in order to have beautiful salon looking lashes, the glue is formed of a flexible sticky residue, this sticky strong formula is enough to have you lashes Locked in place, over a period of time in wearing the lashes the glue will loosen its grip for an easy, damage free removal, the glue will be stickiest on day one, over the days of coming into contact of natural face oils, serums, moisturisers this will loosen the glue grip for an easy damage free removal.
Can I get them wet? 
Yes lightly, drenching the lashes everyday will reduce wear time, we would not recommend to soak in shower and instead gently wash around the eye area whilst wearing.
Can I re use them? 
Yes you will need to remove the sticky residue as it’s likely after use they will not re stick, but you can apply them using a lash glue. 

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